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Greenberg's New "Standard and 27/8 Gauge - 1901-1940"

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METCA is an authorized distributer of Bruce Greenberg's latest book which has received a very favorable review from the Editor of OGR Magazine, Allan Miller. We also received a favorable comments from METCA MIGS, Ken Morgan. Ken is an avid Standard Gauge collector and is well recognized for his column  "The Tinplate Cannonball"  in The Lion Roars. Ken does substantial research for his columns and he has found Bruce's book to be an excellent resource.

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The METCA Brookside & Riverside Milk Reefers

Riverside car names and graphics Bachmann Industries, Inc. used with permission.
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Rich and luxurious burgundy sides adorn these two Lionel Scale Milk Reefers. The 6-58285 Brookside and 6-58286 Riverside Milk Reefers are 100% Lionel made and decorated. Cars feature die-cast trucks and internal simulated glass lined milk storage tanks which can be seen when removing the roof. Please, do not delay; order today.

Price: $84.99 - Brookside Reefer + $12 shipping per order

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Price: $84.99 - Riverside Reefer + $12 shipping per order
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$159.99 - Pair of Reefers (1 of each) + $12 shipping per order
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The METCA Jersey Central Box Car

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The Central Railroad Company of New Jersey, more commonly known as the Jersey Central, was a key component of the rail network in the northeast during its existence. With a nickname like The Big Little Railroad, it was obvious that the CNJ was more important than its number of miles of trackage would imply. Their famous Bronx Terminal is memorialized in the “return to” notation on the car, painted in their unique Coast Guard paint scheme. METCA is proud to release this 9700/6464 sized box car. This 100% Lionel made and decorated 6-58033 box car is molded, decorated, and assembled in the USA. The car features a stamped metal frame, metal brake wheel and die-cast sprung trucks.

Price: $79.99

The Madison Hardware Story

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For Lionel Train enthusiasts the name "Madison Hardware" invokes thoughts of toy train treasures stacked to the ceiling of a small Manhattan store front. For over ninety years Madison Hardware supplied New York, and later Detroit, with the Lionel Trains that millions of children longed for. The Madison Hardware Story is more than just toy trains. It is the story of a store and how it’s owners impacted an entire collectible’s market.  

Over 200 unpublished photographs of Madison Hardware. Explore inside Madison’s warehouses, a place where the public was forbidden to visit. Informative and entertaining anecdotes from the people closest to Madison Hardware. Including trusted friends and employees, former owner Richard Kughn, and longtime customers. Comprehensive information on Lionel parts and special products produced by Madison Hardware.

This is advanced ordering for the 2nd printing, due late summer, 2017.

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New Jersey Central's Blue Comet

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The New Jersey Central’s Blue Comet passenger train service operated from 1929 to 1941, on a route from the New York metropolitan area to Atlantic City, in the midst of the Great Depression. Despite this backdrop and stiff competition from other railroads, it survived and established an enduring legacy in the annals of New Jersey rails. This book contains memorable images, many from private archival photograph collections, showing the remarkable history of this classic train and of the hardworking and dedicated people who made it all possible. The legendary Blue Comet train no longer streaks through the pines of New Jersey. However, its memory still lives on through timeless images and the sustained efforts of New Jersey historical societies and preservation organizations that maintain its legacy.

First five books shipped will be autotgraphed copies!.

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METCA Mint Cars

A limited quantity of older past cars is now available.  

#52596 LIRR  

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#52488 NYC Lighting Stripe  

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#52574 Fort Knox

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#58523 Blue Comet

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#58534 Jersey Central

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