Standards - Restored/Refinished Items

Restored / refinished toy train and related accessory items must continue to be marked as such using the pressure sensitive labels available from TCA. All replacement parts considered a "major component part" such as an engine frame, boiler or cab that have been used in the restoration of an item must include the required identification marks of the manufacturer.

Restored and Refinished Items

Grade Description
Professional Grade -- Restored in all aspects of finish and detail as when manufactured. Finished in correct type of paint, color, texture and gloss. All wiring exactly matches the original. All trim in correct finish or plating. Virtually identical to the original. No surface imperfections in the metal work. No wear or evidence of use present. Authentic in all aspects.
Very Good -- Restored to a general high standard. However, noticeable differences exist particularly with respect to the color, finish, and texture of paint when compared to an original piece.
Good -- A restored piece that has signs of play wear with minor dents and scratches.


Fair -- A non-professional restoration. Color, texture and finish clearly different from the original. Other items, such as non-authentic wiring are also evident.

Poor -- A poorly constructed restoration in all respects. May be a candidate for restoration. Includes dents or rust pitting under finish.